The Gender
Expression Fund


The Gender Expression Fund:
A community-led fund that transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming students can use to buy up to £50 of gender-affirming items, such as (but not limited to): new clothes/underwear, chest binders, breast forms, packers, wigs, sports/swimwear, makeup/nail polish, pronoun badges, pride merchandise, and books.
This is the information site for Warwick University's 2023-24 Gender Expression Fund, organised by Warwick Pride, the LGBTQUIA+ Association and the SU Trans Students' Officer, and made possible by Warwick SU.


ℹ️ Current Status ℹ️The 2023-24 Fund is now officially closed. Applications will be processed over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for updates! If you have any issues, please contact at [email protected].

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ℹ️ The Gender Expression Fund: ℹ️
A community-led fund that transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming students can use to buy up to £50 of gender-affirming items, such as (but not limited to): new clothes/underwear, chest binders, breast forms, packers, wigs, sports/swimwear, makeup/nail polish, pronoun badges, pride merchandise, and books.

📄 Rationale: 📄
Going to University is the first time that many will have the opportunity to live away from home. This affords the privacy and security to explore and affirm sexual orientation and gender identity in a welcoming and accepting environment. However, there are still barriers to gender affirmation, especially for students who come from a lower socioeconomic status, who do not have familial monetary support, and/or who struggle to pay their rent and living costs. These people often do not have the funds to spare for what are life-changing gender-affirming items, and may instead choose to go hungry in order to buy them.
From student records for the 2020/21 academic year, 1% of students at Warwick explicitly said that they do not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. The actual number is likely higher, given barriers to disclosure. With a student body of ~29k, there are at least 290 students who fall somewhere under the transgender umbrella - a not-insignificant number, equivalent to the yearly intake of a large undergraduate course.From Student PULSE Survey data in 2020, we know that LGBTQUA+ students are, compared to non-LGBTQUA+ students: 6% less likely to be satisfied with their university experience, 5% more likely to have seriously considered dropping out of university, 7% less likely to feel that the university cares about their wellbeing, and 6% less likely to agree that there is a strong sense of community at the university. It is of great importance to address these disparities to ensure the happiness, health, and subsequent success of LGBTQUA+ students at Warwick. With this project, we aim to make a difference to their University experience.To this end, the Warwick Pride Society applied and won funding for the inaugural year of “The Gender Expression Fund” in 2021/22 from the Warwick Innovation Fund. In 2022/23, the second year of this project was funded by Warwick SU, the Innovation Fund and the Rainbow Taskforce. In this third year, we are delighted to say that the SU has pledged guaranteed funding for this and future years.Applications for items are assessed solely by transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming exec members of Warwick Pride, the LGBTQUIA+ Association, as they have an understanding and appreciation of the needs of the community. This addresses the significant barriers posed when applying for similar funds administered by those outside of the community, e.g. the University hardship fund. LGBTQUIA+ students fear disclosure to and judgement from those outside the community assessing their needs, with whom the knowledge and appreciation of their needs is not guaranteed.

💌 With thanks to: 💌
Warwick SU for seeing the benefits this project had on the lives of trans students at the University in these past few years and for consequently funding it this year and in future years.
The Warwick Innovation Fund and its generous donors for providing the funding for the inaugural year of this project.The Warwick Pride Exec and the Warwick SU Trans Students' Officer, Dorian Valentine, for organisation of the fund this year.Dr. Ares Osborn, past exec for Warwick Pride, who founded the fund and ran it during its first two years.


Please ensure you read all of the text below before applying.👇 The application form can be found at the bottom of the page.

To access this fund, you must:
💷 Be a current student at The University of Warwick;
💷 Identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender-diverse (this includes identities under those umbrellas and identities that are equivalent);
💷 Be able to provide links to the item(s) you wish to purchase with the fund that come to a total monetary value (including shipping and any VAT import costs to the UK) of no more than £50;
💷 Be able to collect these item(s) (or nominate someone to collect them on your behalf) from the University of Warwick campus by the end of the 2023-24 academic year;
💷 Agree to your data being used per the "Data Usage" statement later on this page.

Application process:*
📋 The first round of applications are open from Mon 15 Jan, 9:00am to Sun 11 Feb, 11:59pm (the end of Term 2 Week 5).
📋 Applications will be assessed solely by transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse members of the Warwick Pride exec team during Week 6-7 Term 2 (12-23 Feb).
📋 Emails will be sent to everyone who applied by the end of Week 7 (Sun 25 Feb), detailing whether or not their application was successful and what items are being purchased for them.
📋 Items will be purchased directly from the fund at the beginning of Term 2 Week 8 (Mon 26 Feb), and delivered to the Students’ Union in the following weeks.
📋 The members of the Warwick Pride exec team who assessed the fund will examine packages as they come in and then arrange pick-up with their recipients via email. We hope to have all items handed off to their owners by the end of Week 1 Term 3 (Sun 28 Apr).
📋 Everyone who applied for the fund will be given a link to a feedback form on The Gender Expression Fund (you will find a leaflet within your package). This will be used in the final report (see Data Usage statement).
📋 If there is money left over in the fund after the first round of applications, this will be dedicated to a gender-affirming initiative of the Gender Expression Fund team's choice based on the budget available. This may include previous initiatives such as the purchasing of pride badges, lanyards and wristbands, or more expensive investments such as voice training sessions. More information on this will be given once the first round of applications has been distributed.
*Please note: dates listed are estimations and may be subject to change. For updates, you are encouraged to keep an eye on the email you supply in your application, Warwick Pride's social media, and to contact [email protected] with the subject line "Gender Expression Fund" if you have any queries.

Guidance on choosing items:⭐ Your item(s) must be available in an online store with delivery - we cannot physically go and collect items in-person.
⭐ Please select item(s) from a UK store where possible; stores outside the UK will be subject to additional tax and shipping that must be included within the application maximum of £50.
⭐ You can list multiple items, as long as you do not exceed £50 in total. However, if you do, please make sure you rank items in order of "importance" (i.e. which ones you'd want purchased most to least) in the case that we cannot fund everything you want.
⭐ Please make sure you check sizing guides. It may not be possible for exchanges to be made if the clothing doesn’t fit or the item is not eligible for exchange, but we will work with you to try and do this should it be necessary.
⭐ If the item(s) you want is currently out of stock, you can request a gift card if the store you wish to purchase from sells them. If the item you want goes out of stock between your application and our purchasing, we will contact you to seek an alternative, whether this be a gift card, a different colourway, or another item entirely.
⭐ If the item(s) you want exceeds £50, and the store you are looking to purchase it from sells gift cards, we can part-fund via purchase of a gift card. Please include this in your application if applicable. Please note, there is no other way for us to part-fund for logistical reasons.
⭐ If you're not sure where to begin looking for what you're after, we've collected a brief guide to some of the more popular, well-known and trusted brands in the UK. Head on over to Retailers for all the info!
⭐ If you've never done [insert thing related to your transition] before and don't know where to start learning how to do it (safely), we've made a Guides page to hopefully point you to a little help!

Data usage:The data provided to the application form will be solely accessed by transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse members of the Warwick Pride exec team.The data provided to the application form will be used for 2 purposes:
👉 To assess applications and award money to applicants from the Gender Expression Fund;
👉 To prepare a report at the end of the project that will be shared with stakeholders of the Warwick Students’ Union, and publicly on Warwick Pride’s platforms. No data that allows any individual to be personally identified will be included in this report (including names, student IDs, emails)
All data submitted to the application form will be wiped following the publication of the report and by the end of the academic year 2023-24.If you wish to withdraw your application and have your submitted data deleted at any time, you may email [email protected] with the subject line “Gender Expression Fund - Data Withdrawal”

Form details:There are 4 sections in the application form:
🕐 Data usage agreement (compulsory) - so that we can process your application
🕑 Personal details (compulsory) - so we can contact you and so that we can confirm you're eligible to apply to the fund
🕒 Demographic questions (optional) - so that we can get an idea of who is applying to the fund and why
🕓 Purchase request (compulsory) - so that we know what we're purchasing for you!

👇 If you wish to apply for the fund, please click the button below to go to the application form!


You are not limited to these stores or item categories, but we've provided this list of (mostly) UK-based retailers as a good starting point if you don’t know where to look!➕ If you have any suggestions, please contact Pride in their Discord server if you're a member (see Contact), or email
[email protected]
with the subject line "GEF Retailers" and we'll vet and add them!

RetailerMore Info
------------------------->TRANSITION SPECIFIC
Spectrum OutfittersOne of the only UK binder companies, also do 3-in-1 boxers, well-reviewed and liked
gc2b UK*Have a great range of different nudes and colours, and a variety of styles
*Please note: recently, people have been reporting issues with the quality and safety of gc2b binders. Do your research (see Twitter for more info), and proceed with caution, but we will not stop you purchasing from gc2b if you still wish to.
TomboyXHave a large "Gender Euphoria" range, binders are sold under the label "compression tops". Also sell packing and tucking underwear, and period underwear
🌍 Based in the US
(formerly Trans-Missie)
Stock a range of colours and styles of binder. Also sell binding swimwear, packing and tucking undies and swimwear, as well as packers and breast forms
*Please note: it has been noted on Reddit that the arm holes of their binders may be small/tight
🌍 Based in the Netherlands
TransTapeSell binding tape in a range of colours and widths as an alternative to using a binder, also sell packer kits for use with their tape. Well-reviewed and liked, provide a lot of "how to" guides and videos
🌍 Based in the US
Trans Guy SupplySell a small range of binders and binding tape, as well as packers and packing gear and packing swimwear
🌍 Based in the US
ShapeshiftersSpecialise in custom binders, but also sell off-the-rack, selling many funky colours and patterns
🌍 Based in the US
UnderworksPerhaps the OG binder supplier that many swear by, has a more "medical" focus (rather than selling for trans people specifically, instead caters for gynecomastia), selling a wide range of compression shirts and post-surgery compression vests
🌍 Based in the US

Packers and packing underwear
Spectrum Outfitters3-in-1 boxers and foam packers.
Love Honey*Packers and packer harnesses.
*Please note: Love Honey is a sex shop
UberKinky*Packers and packer harnesses.
*Please note: UberKinky is a sex/fetish shop and categorise packers under fetish wear
PaxsiesUnderwear and packers.
🌍 Based in the Netherlands
TransTapeSell packing kits for use with their tape (traditionally used for binding)
🌍 Based in the US
Trans Guy SupplyPackers and packing gear, also sell STPs
🌍 Based in the US
UNTAGPackers and STPs, and packing underwear
🌍 Based in the Netherlands
TomboyXSell a couple of types of packing underwear, don't sell packers
🌍 Based in the US
Further storesCheck out the "UK FtM Packer Guide"

Breast forms
The Breast Form StoreVariety of breast form types and bras for breast forms
TransCareTheir breast forms are not cheap, but they do more affordable enhancers
UNTAGHave a modest range of breast forms at different price points

Tucking and flattening
ZoahTucking underwear and swimwear
Gaff and GoGaffs, also sell tucking tape
Carmen LiuTucking and flattening underwear
The Breast Form StoreHave a small selection of gaffs and smoothing underwear
EtsyHave some sellers who make tucking gaffs/undies, e.g. LovelyTuck, Interviduals (formally Fluid Agenda), and GaffandGo
UNTAGTucking undies and swimwear
🌍 Based in the US
UnclockableSell their own "tuck kit" with tape (and also a cute estrogen molecule necklace)
🌍 Based in the US, and shipping to the UK is exceedingly expensive; in all likelihood we'd need several people who wanted this and/or part-fund with gift cards, see Applications

Bras and lingerie
Boux AvenueA bit pricey but both everyday and fancy on offer, offering cup sizes A-G
Victoria's SecretA bit pricey, but they do everyday, fancy and sports bras
H&MAffordable, and a huge range, including everyday, fancy and sports bras
M&SPricey, but they do everyday, fancy, and sports bras, offering A to F+ cup sizes; you can also get in-person bra fittings
BravissimoFor larger cup sizes, also have some great bra fitting guides
Further storesCheck out "24 best online lingerie shops that will become your underwear go-tos"

Wig Store UKThey have a great range of wigs under £50
The Wonderful Wig CompanyA more upmarket (and expensive) wig store that sells synthetic and human hair wigs and are specifically LGBTQ+ friendly


Highstreet (fast fashion) stores 
H&MWomen’s and men’s and their “divided” (alternative) label, full range of clothing
New LookWomen’s and men’s, has women’s petite, plus size, and tall, full range of clothing
Pull & BearWomen’s and men’s, full range of clothing, "artsy" vibe
ZaraWomen’s and men’s, full range of clothing, "smart casual" vibe
StradivariusWomen’s only, full range of clothing
MonkiWomen’s only, full range of clothing
Forever21Women’s and men’s, full range of clothing
Urban OutfittersWomen’s and men’s full range of clothing, “vintage” vibe
BershkaWomen’s and men’s, full range of clothing

Upmarket brands
UNIQLOWomen’s and men’s, full range of clothing, focussed on wardrobe basics rather than fast fashion, artist and brand collabs on tees
SuperdryWomen’s and mens, full range of clothing but known for quality coats
Levi’sWomen’s and mens, full range of clothing but famed for their jeans
WranglerWomen’s and mens, full range of clothing but famed for their jeans
Lucy & YakUnisex, full range of clothing but famed for their dungarees, independent and ethical, sustainable and recycled clothing
Long Tall SallyA brand specifically catering for tall women

Online-only stores
Goose and GanderUnisex, comfy casual clothing, goose-theming
WitukaSustainable, artist designed printed clothing (planting a tree for every tee)
🌍 Based in Spain
ASOSWomen's and men's, including tall and plus size for both, and petite for women, hosting a large range of designers/brands.
Note: the Topman brand is good for small men's clothing.
BoohooWomen’s and men’s, full range of clothing


VansKnown for skate shoes
Dr MartensKnown for their iconic chunky leather boots
ConverseKnown for their lace-up sneakers, particularly their high-tops
ClarksStock a wide range of shoes, particularly smart leather shoes and boots
SkechersKnown for their comfy trainers

Retailers (stock multiple brands)
OfficeStock a wide range of brands and shoe types
DeichmannStock a wide range of brands and shoe types
SchuhStock a wide range of brands and shoe types


DecathlonWomen’s and men’s, wide range, stocks many brands
Sports DirectWomen’s and men’s, wide range, stocks many brands
GymsharkWomen’s and men’s, gym wear
NikeWomen’s and men’s, wide range but known for sports shoes
AdidasWomen’s and men’s, wide range but known for sports shoes
Sweaty BettyWomen’s only, activewear
Under ArmourWomen’s and men’s, wide range

PassengerWomen’s and men’s, sustainable outdoor clothing
The North FaceWomen’s and men’s, cold weather clothing
TrespassWomen’s and men’s, outdoor clothing
ColumbiaWomen’s and men’s, outdoor clothing

AsicsWomen’s and men’s, running and sports shoes (and clothing)
MerrellWomen’s and men’s, outdoor footwear (and clothing)


Generic/bit of everything 
BootsHas pretty much everything!
SuperdrugSimilar to Boots, has pretty much everything
SephoraSephora has now launched in the UK! A giant in the US, it offers a whole range of products, not unlike Boots and Superdrug
LushFamous for their bath products and cruelty-free products, they offer a whole range of hygiene and skin/body/hair care products
The Body ShopMore well-known for body care, but also does makeup

MACExpensive but good-quality cosmetics, also has a small skincare range

Barry MMost well-known for their nail varnishes, but also do makeup
OPINails and nail care
EssieNails and nail care (you cannot buy direct from them, you have to buy from suppliers like Boots)


Pins and merchandise 
EtsyLots of independent artists making pride merch! Make sure to filter for shop location: UK when searching. Would recommend ThePinPrick, fairycakes, Irisidium, and ZealoApparel
Queer Lit BookshopAs well as books, they sell a large range of pride merch
Gay Pride Shop UKSellers of a huge range of pride merch
StonewallThere is lots of Stonewall-branded pride merch, and they also sell rainbow laces

LGBTQUIA+/feminist/radical booksellers
LGBTQIA+ non-fiction reading listNot sure what to read? This reading list is filterable by a wide range of tags including identities and topics
Alliance of Radical BooksellersIf you're not sure of which bookstore you want to purchase from, you can check out the member sellers of the Alliance of Radical Booksellers, who work hard to keep progressive books on our highstreet and are informed by socialist, anarchist, environmental, feminist or anti-racist concerns
Gay's the WordThe UK's oldest LGBT bookshop and a touchstone for the broader LGBT community, based in London
The Vagina MuseumThe world's first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas and the gynaecological anatomy, based in London
HousmansThe longest continuous-running radical bookshop in Britain, based in London
LighthouseA queer-owned and woman led independent community bookshop, based in Edinburgh
The Portobello BookshopAn independent bookshop, based in Edinburgh’s seaside community of Portobello
Category Is BooksA fiercely independent queer bookshop, based in Glasgow
Queer LitAn award-winning independent LGBTQ+ bookshop and pride store, based in Manchester
Gay Pride ShopThe UK's biggest LGBTQ+ store including a large selection of books, based in Manchester
The Bookish TypeA queer indie bookshop based in Leeds
News From NowhereA not-for-profit radical and community bookshop run collectively by a workers' co-operative, based in Liverpool
The Portal BookshopLGBTQIA, science and fantasy, and queer resistance, based in York
Shelf Life Books and ZinesA not-for-profit radical bookshop working with independent publishers and DIY zine-makers to make space for marginalised and under-represented voices, based in Cardiff
The Feminist BookshopA radical independent bookshop and plant-based coffee shop, based in Brighton
RubicundA radical bookshop, vegan cafe and lending library, based in Falmouth
Proud GeekA specialist retailer of LGBT+ entertainment and media aiming to be your one-stop-online-shop for everything geeky and queer, based in Birmingham (online store only)
Bookshop.orgThe ethical alternative to buying books from Amazon, where every purchase financially supports independent bookstores - when purchasing, you can choose a bookstore's page to support (online store only)


Learning new things during your transition - how to bind, tuck, pack, how to do your makeup and nails, how to get rid of your body hair, how to navigate clothing sizes (the list goes on) - can often be daunting. We've compiled this selection of guides to offer you a starting point (and to encourage you to be safe as well)!If you have any suggestions, please contact Pride in their Discord server if you're a member (see Contact), or email
[email protected]
with the subject line "GEF Guides" and we'll vet and add them!

GuideMore info

With a binder ("compression top" or similar)👉 "Binding 101" covers binder safety, styles of binders, how to wear them, and binder suppliers.
👉 Spectrum Outfitters have written guides on "Binding Basics" and "Binding Safely".
👉 "How to bind your chest safely, according to experts" - covers what binders are, where to get them, how to put them on, how to wear them safely, and alternatives.
👉 "Chest binding: tips and tricks for trans men, nonbinary, and genderfluid people" - expands on the health effects of binding, including studies on binder-users, and includes tips for healthier binding.
👉"How to Bind Your Chest: Tips, Tricks, and Safety While Binding" - explains binding, options for binding, tips for safe binding, specifically gives exercises/stretches to do as a binder-wearer and links a video about body tension (with a focus on trans folk who bind).
With TransTape👉 Check out their application manual for an illustrated step-by-step guide and dos and don'ts for binding with tape (written for TransTape but applicable to other similar tapes).
👉 See their YouTube channel for video tutorials from the community.
👉 You can also see their FAQs for questions like "can I get TransTape wet?" and "is it safe?".

In general👉The Lingerie Addict has a 2 part written series on packing:
1 👉 "Packing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started" - includes what packing is, types of packers, how to choose one, and how to care for them.
2 👉 "Packing 202": Underwear, Swimming, Sports, Periods, and STPs" - covers methods for securing/wearing your packer, "special considerations" (swimming and other sports and menstruation), and retailers for packers/packing gear.
👉 "How to Wear a Packer" (Emisil) - covers harnesses, underwear, adhesive, positioning and comfort (including when using STPs), a few brand reccomendations and practical tips.
👉 "How to Wear a Packer" (Transguy Supply) - covers positioning, keeping it in place, and size.
👉 "A Guide to Packing Underwear for Transmen and FTMs" - explains packers and reasons for packing, choosing a packer, sex with packers, swimming, how to wear a packer and underwear for packing. Note: as you can probably get from the title, the language is geared towards trans men and people who are FTM, which doesn't include everyone who packs.
With TransTape👉 Check out their application manual for an illustrated step-by-step guide and dos and don'ts when packing with tape (you will have to click through the binding section first).
👉 There is an official video tutorial showing how to use tape to pack.
👉 Check their YouTube channel for more video tutorials from community members.
👉 Check out the blog post with written/photo instructions.
👉 You can also see their FAQs for questions like "can I get TransTape wet?" and "is it safe?".

Tucking and smoothing
Tucking in general👉 Dimitria Sparrow has 3 videos on tucking:
1 👉 "Tucking: A Thorough Guide" - covers lots of methods of tucking, inc. inguinal/non-inguinal, tape, gaffs, diy gaffs, pros and cons, health concerns to be aware of;
2 👉"Tucking: What to Know Beforehand" - things to remember when starting your tucking journey;
3 👉 "How to Prep for Tucking!" - similar to the above.
👉 "How Does Tucking Work and Is It Safe?" - concise article about inguinal tucking with/without tape, including how to tuck, how to untuck, a few common questions, and safety.
With gaffs👉 "Everything You Need To Know About Gaffs: What Are They, How Do They Work, And Which One Is Right For Me?" - explains what a gaff is, using one with or without tucking, measuring yourself for one, FAQs and types of gaff.
With tape👉 The guide to using the "Unclockable Tuck Kit" and their "T-Tape" - despite being for a specific brand, it is well illustrated, has the general principles of inguinal tucking laid out and would be applicable to other tapes.

Breast forms
In general👉 "Breast Forms: A Thorough Guide" is a video covering what they are, their appearance, types, shapes, and materials, how to pick/size your breast forms, how to attach and fit them well, cleaning them, and sleeping in them.

Hair removal
Shaving👉 "Shaving Routine **SECRETS**" - a video tutorial on shaving (smooth and razor-burn free) for trans women / fems. Tutorial is for the face, but works in other areas like the legs! And techniques can also be used by anyone who wants a close shave.
👉 "Shaving Tips For FTM's/Transmen who use a razor and shave cream" - lots of great tips in this one on how to shave safely and effectively.
👉 "The 5 Major Types Of Razors & Which One To Use Based On One’s Skin Type" - the article pictures and language is focused on men, but really this is useful information for anyone shaving, and how to pick the type of razor you are using to do so.
Wax👉 Video tutorial on using hard wax at home - note: created by a cis woman, with cis women as apparent target audience, but still covers all the basics very well!
👉 "Waxing 101 - Everything You Need to Know" - as above, this video is by a cis woman for cis women (with a focus on brazilian waxing), but covers some technical details of waxing that are well worth knowing.

In general👉 The Sephora YouTube channel has a whole host of playlists and videos for everything makeup, but also skincare, hair and fragrance.
For facial hair coverup👉 "How to Cover Your Facial Hair With Makeup!" - explains the theory of and practically how to cover up facial hair effectively with makeup. Also starts by going over shaving the face.

Painting your natural nails👉 "Dos and Don'ts: Painting your nails | how to paint your nails perfectly" - a very simple beginner tutorial video to painting your nails, with helpful tips on what to/not to do, and some product recs.
👉"Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY At Home!" - a similar tutorial to the above, but provides some extra tips/info/product recs.
👉 "5 Nail Hacks For Perfectly Painted Nails" - quick and easy tips to elevate your manicure.

In general👉 LABeautyologist (The Golden Rx) is "The Internet's Esthetician" and has many fantastic videos on her YouTube channel - perhaps start with her 60 Second Rule for Cleansing", "An Esthetician's Top 10 Skincare Dos and Don'ts", "The Proper Way to Tone", "Oil Cleansing Guide for All Skin Types", "Purging or Irritation?"... but check out her full video offering because it is extensive!
For people on HRT👉 "Hormone replacement therapy can cause dry skin and acne in trans people, but the right skin care routine can combat side effects" - talks about common skin issues for those on HRT (both estrogen and testosterone) and the types of products that can help.
👉 The NHS page on acne treatment, which can become a big issue when on testosterone in particular.
👉 "Skin Care 101 for Transgender Women" - this video talks about skincare basics (removing makeup, cleansing, moisturising) and how the skin changes when on estrogen compared to testosterone.
👉 "Skincare Tips For Trans Women" - a concise article, but covers three issues you might encounter: dryness/dehydration, acne, and shaving irritation, with product recs to combat these.
👉 "How-To Skincare Tutorial for the Transgender & Non-Binary Community" - Sephora's skincare video tutorial aimed at trans men and those who identify as transmasculine or non-binary.

Measurements for clothing sizes👉 "How to Take Clothing Measurements" - WikiHow on how to take the most common measurements for men's and women's clothing with photographs. Measurements will apply to unisex styles as well.
👉 "How to Measure Your Body for Clothing Sizes" - a similar guide to that above, but with labelled diagrams.
👉 "How to Measure Yourself for Online Shopping & Sewing" - a good video tutorial on how to take measurements (for women's clothing).
Bra sizing👉 Bra size calculator - explains how to calculate your size (band and bust) and how to check for a good fit, then recommends bras.


The Gender Expression Fund is managed by the exec members of Warwick Pride (the student society focused on socials, campaigning and welfare for LGBTQUIA+ students and their friends at the University of Warwick) and the Warwick SU Trans Students' Officer (the elected representative for trans students within the Students' Union).Any questions regarding the Gender Expression Fund should be sent to
📧 [email protected]
with the subject line "Gender Expression Fund"
To learn more about Warwick Pride, you can find information and socials via their
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